So what’s up with all the Newbury Guest House coffee reviews?

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely because you’re checking out Boston hotel reviews and came across Newbury Guest House, our little gem of a boutique hotel on Newbury Street. You’ve discovered our unique location in the heart of the Back Bay’s historic 1800s residential brownstone neighborhood. You now know that Newbury Guest House sits in walking distance of Boston’s top restaurants, shops, and cultural landmarks, including Trinity Church, the Museum of Fine Arts, Fenway Park, Boston Commons, Berklee College of Music, Boston University, and the Charles River Esplanade. Maybe you’ve read guests’ comments about our immaculate new bathrooms, upgraded amenities and friendly staff.

And maybe you’ve also wondered: Why would 45 percent of guest reviews rave about our coffee when none of our 35 guest rooms includes a coffee maker? Yep, it’s true. Let us explain. We admit it: At Newbury Guest House, we are coffee snobs with control-freak tendencies who refuse to believe that “great hotel coffee” must forever remain an oxymoron.

We also believe that if you control the process, you control the outcome; so, we decided to put our free coffee station in the lobby and stock it exclusively with premium Lavazza coffee, espresso, and cappuccino. That’s because the leading Italian coffee brand known for its superior taste and quality since 1895 is as particular about delicious coffee as we are.

And here’s the thing about in-room coffee: No matter whose beans or what brand you use, it’s hard to make a great cup with tap water from the bathroom sink. We purify the water we use in our lobby coffee machine and clean it with a special solution throughout the day – not something that happens with any regularity in hotels with in-room makers. And though we may never fully understand those of you who don’t drink coffee, our lobby coffee station also offers free Stoneybrook plain or sparkling water, tea, and hot chocolate.

For most of us, coffee sets the tone for the rest of our day, and when it’s not the best, we get a little cranky. And we just can’t have that. That’s why you’ve read the raves about the coffee, but very few complaints that it doesn’t come from a drip machine in the bathroom. We hope you’ll book your next stay in Boston with us, and that when you do, you’ll agree the coffee’s well worth a stop in the lobby before you head out to explore the city’s most walkable neighborhood – properly caffeinated – with a smile on your face.