Moving a student back to school in Boston? Newbury Guest House has some advice.

As summer winds down, you may be planning a final barbecue or weekend getaway, but families coming to Boston to help students move into school should be planning ahead. Before you book a dorm room, we recommend you book a hotel room.

Because Boston is home to many of the nation’s top colleges and universities, back-to-school season is next-level busy here, and finding a hotel to stay in while helping with the move can be tough. But if you book early, finding the right hotel is easy.

Newbury Guest House, one of Boston’s most unique and charming boutique hotels, also happens to be a short walk from many of Boston’s renowned institutes of higher learning, including Boston Conservatory, Boston University, Berklee College of Music, Emerson College, Simmons College, and Northeastern University. It’s the perfect location for parents who want to be near their kid’s campus – and enjoy one of the most beautiful and dynamic neighborhoods in the city. Newbury Guest House sits in the heart of the Back Bay’s premiere historic brownstone district on its famed Newbury Street, which boasts an unrivaled collection of retail, art galleries, and restaurants. Many stores catering to student move-in needs are right on Newbury Street, including Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, CVS, Room&Board – and a UPS store where packages shipped ahead can be picked up locally. The hotel is also a 20-minute walk from Target, Pottery Barn, and Container store locations.

And our boutique hotel is student-move friendly. The same cozy rooms, personalized service, and superb location that have long made Newbury Guest House a top choice for vacationers visiting Boston make it an ideal home base for settling students and their belongings on campus. The staff is knowledgeable about the area and can provide recommendations on local restaurants, shops, and attractions – and help with loading suitcases into the elevator. Newbury Guest House is also equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi for students who need to stay connected with coursework and classmates during the move. 

Newbury Guest House works with families during move-ins with flexible parking. Our lot can’t accommodate U-Hauls or vehicles larger than SUVs, but we do allow guests’ cars to pull in and out at no charge while making runs to the nearby Target and dropping items at dorms or apartments. Two important homework assignments for U-Haulers: 1) If you’re moving in Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, or Somerville, get a parking permit for that rig at both trip origin and destination. It’ll save you expensive parking tickets and reserve your parking space on move day; and 2) apply for your permit 2-4 weeks in advance and book that trailer at least that far ahead, or you’re likely to find yourself without one on move-in weekend.

And when all the shower-curtain buying and couch-hauling is done, our Back Bay neighborhood can’t be beat for ways to spend a few final days relaxing exploring together before the semester begins; short walks from the hotel take you to some of the nation’s most respected arts institutions, elegant public parks, and famous colonial history landmarks. 

Back-to-school is a busy time for Boston hotels, moving companies, and the city in general. Book your room at Newbury Guest House (and your U-Haul!) now to make your visit and your student’s dorm or apartment move (almost) as smooth and fun as a vacation.