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Guest comments for the Newbury Guest House

July 16, 2015
Thanks for having us! Great guest house and great city. We visited the TD Garden and saw U2!
The Sigurbjornsson Family from Iceland

July 13, 2015
It was fun! Rooms were nice, The Roost had good food, and the receptionists were nice.

July 11, 2015
Great hotel, lovely area, will be back!
The Wright Familt from the UK
July 11, 2015
Lovely staff! We will return again soon! Thanks to John, Leah, Susan, and Mary Flo!

July 10, 2015
We enjoyed our stay so much. Lovely hotel and pleasant staff. Immaculate facility!
The Lamberts from Tennessee
July 10, 2015
Great place, Great staff, a perfect place to stay in Boston. Thanks to all.
The Staples from Australia
July 01, 2015
We had the best time. Thank you for your hospitality!
The Bakers, AL
June 20, 2015
Thank you for your hospitality. A very welcoming atmosphere, very polite & delightful staff, restaurant dining excellent.
Judy and John Oakes from Salisbury Heights South Australia
June 10, 2015
Thank you for my wonderful night!
Meaghan Wernett from Chicago
June 09, 2015
Thanks for a great 3 nights! Too bad the Red Sox lost :(
Susan and Bob
June 01, 2015
Thank you for the wonderful stay. It's a beautiful place.
Rosy D from Miami, FL
June 01, 2015
Great stay - Boston is beautiful!
Jerri and Rick Berna from Tulsa, Oklahoma
June 01, 2015
The Best!
Mark and Emelia from PA
June 01, 2015
Love Boston xoxo
Misha and Yoomi
June 01, 2015
Enjoyed our stay very much. Thanks
John and Carol from Australia
June 01, 2015
Thanks! Boston is amazing
June 01, 2015
Thank you! Susan helped us with so much. Entire staff delightful! We will be back!
Beverly and John from South Carolina
May 25, 2015
What a great place to stay! Perfect location :)
The Celani's from AZ
May 25, 2015
Thank you!! The hotel is beautiful and the staff is amazing!! Ciao e grazie!!
Paolo and Audra from Italy
May 22, 2015
Fabulous in every way! Great place to eat, sleep, and play. Will definitely be back!
Roger Otto
May 20, 2015
Thank you!! We enjoyed our stay up here in Boston. Loved the town, loved the people. Hope to come back!
Nadia Morassutto
May 16, 2015
Thanks so much! We had a wonderful stay! Hope to be back again. Memorable graduation weekend.
Karen and Joe Romano
May 05, 2015
Grazie! Bellissimo hotel. The Patisserie and French restaurant downstairs are all wonderful. Stayed here for BU Graduations.
Tiziana Torelli
May 04, 2015
Enjoyed my stay. Very Impressive stay in Boston. Will come back again!!
Tsuyoshi Miyasaka
May 04, 2015
Thank you very much! I'm from Japan! First time visiting Boston. Enjoyed my stay. Charming city!
May 04, 2015
Thank you for everything you have done. We love Boston!! Hope to come back again! :)
Kay M.
May 04, 2015
Wonderful! I'll be back ASAP!!
May 01, 2015
Spectacular stay! Best sleeping, eating (Roost Bistro). Loved all aspects of Boston. We'll be back
The Holbrooks from NY
April 29, 2015
Must visit the Patisserie next door! Thanks for everything!
April 23, 2015
This was our second time staying at Newbury Guest House. Both stays were very pleasant and you can't beat the rates. We'll be back again!
Tamie and Sukanto
April 21, 2015
Great Place! We were very comfortable during our stay. Loved the dinner rolls served at breakfast and all the other food served at Roost Bistro.
Mike Dorsett
April 13, 2015
Back after 11 years. Never will forget this gem.
Cal - Canada
April 13, 2015
Such a gem in the heart of Boston. Glad we found this place!
The Andrews
April 04, 2015
Loved it! - Will definitely come back! Thank you staff members.
Britt & Anette from Germany
March 22, 2015
We had a great time here. Super friendly staff, comfy beds - wonderful place - we will stay here anytime we're in Boston. Thanks for everything!!
The Smiths from Jacksonville FL
March 19, 2015
A perfect St. Patty's Day Vacation. Nice location, accommodating, and comfortable. Advice booklet in the room is worth the read.
Joe B.
March 18, 2015
Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality! We will be sure to tell our friends about this place :) P.S. The food at the Roost Bistro was FANTASTIC!!
The Canadian Foursome
March 13, 2015
Fantastic Place. 5 -Stars. Best hotel in Boston. We'll be back for sure! The owner is great!
David Selverian, Mike Swantek, Alejo Ramos, Jacob Kirsh
March 01, 2015
Love this place! Cozy, well placed, informal. Will be back again and again.
Aveen | Switzerland
February 16, 2015
Such a "home out of home". Thanks for keeping my room clean and tidy for 4 days. Very grateful and I hope I can do it again soon.
Thania Sanz
February 12, 2015
Great stay. Loved the breakfast.
The Trewerns, Peabody, MA
February 07, 2015
Wonderful stay! Front desk employees so helpful and GM so bright & cheerful even in storm!

January 30, 2015
The front desk employees are so lovely. Had a great time!

January 25, 2015
We had a wonderful stay! We will be back again!

January 23, 2015
As a frequent visitor to NGH has a wonderful time as always.
Anthony Fazio
January 22, 2015
Fabulous spot to stay - cant recommend it highly enough. Facilities and staff first note and all the little things (fast, reliable internet, printer, coffee/tea in the lounge area, DVDs to borrow) make it a cut above. Would love to stay again sometime. Thanks for helping to make our first trip to Boston a very enjoyable one.
Philippa and Robert from Perth, Australia
January 19, 2015
Second time in Boston! Great home-like feel + very welcoming staff! =) Thank You

January 19, 2015
We had a great stay here. Visiting from New York. Great hotel-very good service. =) Will come again.

January 18, 2015
First time in Boston! We loved the city & The Newbury Guest House, we'll be back. Thank You. - The Murrays
Tim and Lindsay from Philly
January 17, 2015
Charming B+B loved our stay & will be back this may!
January 13, 2015
Lovely Stay - too short, great hospitality. Thank You - from Bath England
Jane & Simon
January 12, 2015
Third time staying here. Always a pleasure.
January 11, 2015
Paradise Valley Arizona > Rome Italy > London England > Boston, Mass > Phoenix Az - Grazie! M/M Enzones

January 04, 2015
Lovely to visit and see how beautiful the guesthouse still is. I have very fond memories of working here in 2006! All the best!
December 31, 2014
Had a wonderful Stay! Go Red Sox! (meoww)
Mia & Daddy
December 30, 2014
Love this hotel. Everything is perfect! This is our 4th Stay!
Pam (LA) & Kathy (Cambridge)
December 21, 2014
I carolsella sono qui! Translation- "the Carosella's are here!"
Reiti, Italy
December 17, 2014
A perfect haven for two happy travelers from Melbourne, Australia!
Sally & Mark Ahern
December 15, 2014
Third time staying here. Always a pleasure.
Bargas, Ohio
December 14, 2014
Here to see the Revels - Awesome!!! "mele kalikimaka"
Aloha - The De Newed
December 10, 2014
Wonderful Stay!
Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy Ont. canada
December 08, 2014
Great Stay! Lovely B&B and Great location for discovering Boston!
Charlotte, Roger, Sandra from Dartmouth OK
December 03, 2014
This is a great cozy stay right in Boston! Thank you for your service and hospitality.
Juanita Pollange
December 03, 2014
Thank you, we had a very comfy stay! =)

November 28, 2014
It has been very pleasant stay, peaceful, nice, thank you!
Paul Anderson
November 26, 2014
Meeting place for the whole family to be together for Thanksgiving. Great place to stay!
Bill and Marie
November 25, 2014
The best place to stay in Boston! Thank you for the great hospitality. I will always come to this location if I ever come back to Boston. I will recommend it to all my friends. Carla was so helpful from the first morning we arrived. I will miss this place. Los Angeles, CA
Christine Gustafson
November 22, 2014
The perfect stay in Boston!
November 22, 2014
Lovely residence - So glad I found you. Thanks a million!
Katie Egar
November 20, 2014
We love the Newbury Guest House! Our favorite place to stay in Boston.
Debbie Fay and Michael Gomes
November 20, 2014
Bye Bye Boston!!
Mr. Berrett
November 19, 2014
Very Beautiful hotel xx
from Rome
November 17, 2014
Thank you for another wonderful visit. Everything was very well done and enjoyable.
Bob and Joan
November 14, 2014
Wonderful charming Inn on Newbury. Beautiful fall weather. Look foward to returning one day. :)
Debbie Milord and Gennie
November 12, 2014
Wonderful visit. GREAT! Our favorite B+B!
James and Jane
November 11, 2014
Another lovely visit. Love your city - xox
Andrea and Whitney Blair from Myers, Florida
November 07, 2014
We had a very nice stay in The Newbury Guest House and look forward to coming back some other time. Thank you so much!
Wenche and Kuut Vagnes from Oslo Norway
November 07, 2014
We visited Newbury Guest House for our anniversary and it was amazing! The hotel is beautiful, the rooms gorgeous and the food is delicious. Thank you very much!
Nicolas and Tatiana from Colombia
November 06, 2014
Wonderful stay. We will return when we come back to Boston. Will tell friends + family of your hotel. Well managed, clean and in a fabulous area! So glad we did not stay in "A Big Box" hotel!
Robert and Shirley Meeks
November 02, 2014
Loved it yet again! Our favorite place to stay in Boston! Will come again. Go Patriots !!!
Stevens Family from Vancouver, B.C Canada
October 30, 2014
A wonderful place and a lovely hotel with excellent service!
Vienna, Austria
October 30, 2014
Such a lovely place to stay and enjoyed the city-will come again!!
Stella O'brien and Jamie M. Keller from Enfield, CT
October 30, 2014
Clean - Warm - Friendly - Homey - What else can you ask for? =) Thank You - with Love and Light
Mr. and Mrs. Somera Ramsey and Mal
October 28, 2014
We have had a wonderful stay. room was superb and we have received excellent service. Would definitely stay here again and recommend for anyone visiting Boston.
Chelmsford, England
October 28, 2014
Home from Home! Beautiful city wonderful people. We'll be back and will enjoy your hospitality again!
Fraine Turner from Chelmsford Essex UK
October 27, 2014
Our stay was wonderful. We'd recommend this place to anyone!
Joe and Peggy Mrozek from Baltimore, MI.
October 27, 2014
Great location, we truly enjoyed Newbury St. the best in the WORLD! Boston is a great city and we loved our stay.
Fernando Castro and Sonia Montehy
October 26, 2014
Had a wonderful weekend!
Mark Silletti and Sullyann Russo from New York City
October 23, 2014
3 Sisters From Iceland
Olof, Iris, Hrefna G. Sigmarsd
October 22, 2014
Had a lovely stay here in Boston. The room at The Newbury Guest House was beautiful, we were very pleased. The location was perfect and to top it off breakfast was amazing each day! Thanks to EVERYONE!
Julie and Guy from Bristol, UK.
October 22, 2014
Amazing hotel, Beautiful City!
Doug and Bethany Osgood from Spokane Washington
October 20, 2014
On 5th Trip! Great as usual! Go Clemson Tigers!!!
Randy and Carol Bray
October 19, 2014
Had a great time! Will come back again!
Karen and Joe Romano
October 18, 2014
Thanks for a great stay! Visiting from Chicago, great place to celebrate my 21st Birthday! We will be back!
Carrie and Betsy
October 15, 2014
An excellent 4-day stay, night in the heart of Boston, very convenient for all the major attractions that the city has to offer. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Would certainty tell people about Newbury Guest House.
Cardiff Wale
October 15, 2014
Wonderful two days. Thank you to all, for your help and hospitality. Good meals too!
The Fredricks from California
October 12, 2014
Greetings from Plano, Texas. Beautiful city!
Plano, Texas
October 11, 2014
Very cozy hotel, Great location. Loved Boston!
Julie Ness from Ipswich, Australia
October 09, 2014
Great Location! Wonderful stay, Well Done!
Teresa Towe and Son Andrews Limerick Ireland
October 09, 2014
Great Stay!
Josephine Grant from Brisbane, Australia
October 08, 2014
See you soon Newbury Guest House! =)
Ran and Jialu from Shanghai, China
October 08, 2014
Had a wonderful stay! Will recommend to friends!
Brad and Danielle Stafford, Rockwood, Ontario, Canada
October 07, 2014
Hey from George (Hello from Sweden)! Wonderful place, we loved everything. Definitely the place to stay next time we visit Boston!
Niholas and Monica from Sweden
October 02, 2014
Terrific location, charming rooms!
Moraga, California
October 01, 2014
Enjoyed our 1 night stay - warm, cozy atmosphere, great breakfast, fabulous location!
The Lambournes from Cleveland, Ohio
September 30, 2014
Outstanding! Excellent Room + Great Service!
Larry and Miles Sacramento, California
September 28, 2014
Twas a lovely stay on Newbury.
Marisa Geisser and Alicia
September 27, 2014
Wonderful place, we loved The Newbury Guest House and hope to come back soon.
N + A Dadic from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
September 26, 2014
Enjoyed our stay here in Boston. Great hotel in a great location!
The Ellal's from Groton, CT
September 24, 2014
Beautiful place - great location - nice staff. Would stay again!

September 22, 2014
Awesome little hotel and Bistro. Enjoyed Boston a ton!
T and R Ankrapp
September 22, 2014
Cool Hotel, love the artwork!
Chicago, IL
September 21, 2014
Boston's lovely and we enjoyed the Newbury!
The Chinnocks from Mpls
September 20, 2014
Great Location! Enjoying our stay here very much. So glad I found this place online, will recommend it to others! =)
The Davidson's from Stafford, VA
September 20, 2014
Great room in a great boston location - will be back! Loved our stay!
Chery and Shawn from Louisville Kentucky
September 18, 2014
Loved it here!
Terry and Cindy Portland, OR
September 17, 2014
Thanks for having us! Perfect Location and nice staff!
Katie and Allison
September 16, 2014
A terrific, charming oasis - Thank You!
Nan and Waweu
September 16, 2014
We liked it a lot! It's a special place to stay.
Ronaldo and Adriana
September 15, 2014
Great B+B! We've enjoyed our visit to Boston!
Kathy from North Carolina
September 14, 2014
Thank You from Switzerland!
Anita and Paul
September 13, 2014
Boston is a beautiful city.
Mary and Joe
September 12, 2014
Great Visit to Boston! It's been 45 years! Loved LaVoile
Wilson from Louisvile, CO
September 11, 2014
So glad to stay in a guest house with character and not a "world chain"
Dori and David England
September 11, 2014
Wonderful experience, loved this hotel and plan to return soon! xo Stay Strong
Monica M. and Sam Li
September 10, 2014
Great Hotel! I'll be here next time for sure! Thank You!

September 10, 2014
Home from Home in an easily imagined Once upon a Time neighborhood.

September 10, 2014
Enjoyed our stay. Great to walk the shops and to Fenway for a game.
Barbara and Dess from Houston, TX
September 06, 2014
Nice Hotel, good food. TO be recommended.
Giogio and Catalie from Italy
September 03, 2014
Very Comfortable, nice people, nice music!! Thanks for all.
Love from Italy
September 01, 2014
Great Time! Loved the view. Will return in the near future- Boston is Strong!
Steve and Delorise
August 30, 2014
Wonderful, comfortable! We loved our stay here! Thank you John, Sadie! We'll be back in February.
The Dell'Orefices from Philadelphia, PA
August 29, 2014
We loved our stay. Great place to stay, wonderful staff, perfect location. We Will recommend it for sure and come back soon.
Ivana Whitlatch
August 28, 2014
Thanks-Great place to stay breakfast makes a nice start to a busy day we will recommend.
August 26, 2014
August 25, 2014
Great Time, we'll be back.
The Johnson's
August 25, 2014
A Lovely Stay! Staff were very nice. Thank you all! We will recommend you as the place was recommended to us by various people.
Jaivela and Soloman Nalke from Paris
August 24, 2014
Superb! Very Comfortable. Thank You All!
The Weisberb
August 21, 2014
A lovely establishment, clean and friendly. We Love your city~
Estelle (NY) & Ruth (NJ)
August 21, 2014
Great Place! Perfect Location! - Love Boston
Allie and Larry Calik
August 21, 2014
AS usual...a great stay!
Frank & Jill Barbieri - Portland, Maine
August 20, 2014
Wonderful and Cozy. Thank You.
Bobby and Katie McCarten - Sitt, CO
August 17, 2014
Wonderful time in Boston. Sad to leave.
Alan, Julien, Sophia and Leonard - Longmeadow, MA
August 15, 2014
Happy Anniversary !! 17 years !!
Kasey & John
August 13, 2014
Fabulous hotel and boston is more beautiful and friendly than I'd remembered!
Nancy Dejmal - Bozeman, MT
August 10, 2014
Nice Place - Great Location. We will be back !
John & Claudette - Montreal, Canada
August 09, 2014
Great Stay would come again in a heartbeat! Thanks!
Pete & Angela - Coleshill, U.K
August 08, 2014
Thank you very much! You were wonderful! (Stayed June 21-August 8, 2014)
Nilufer Akyol - Instanbul, Turkey
August 07, 2014
Highly Recommended!!!
Kate Taggart & Joe Lem - London & Canada
August 05, 2014
Love this place, here for a wedding in Vermont! xoxo
Ron & Sandy - Sebastopol, CA
August 02, 2014
Un Hotel excelente! Muchas gracias portado!
Familia Hirtle - Medella Colombia
August 01, 2014
What a memorable stay! Thank You so much. Tim + Melissa
Vetter Family - St. Louis, MO
July 30, 2014
Great Guest House in a fantastic location! Loved moving on to Cape Cod!
Jackie & Gary Morris - London, England
July 20, 2014
A hidden gem! :) Stay that way, forever!! A great place
Claire & Steve - Canada
July 20, 2014
We had such a great time here! This is just one of our stops as we travel the New England States. Went to McGreevys Bar - America's first sports bar. Now we're headed to the SoWa Open Market and Faneuil Hall! Great Job Newbury Guest House!
Tara & Doug
July 19, 2014
We had a great time here at The Newbury Guest House celebrating our 5th year anniversary! GO SOX!
Brian & Jessica - Ganby, CT
July 15, 2014
Don't tell people how nice this place we'll find more rooms next time!
Leah - Italy
July 15, 2014
Realmente o hotel e tudo muito bom (Translation: "Really like the hotel and everything was very nice.")
Sabrina - Sao Paulo, Brazil
July 12, 2014
It was really great and I will tell my friends to come here. Thank You
July 11, 2014
Wonderful place to stay and we'll definitely be back! Thanks for the hospitality!
Matt & Mandy Tecklenburg
July 06, 2014
We've stayed 3 nights and enjoyed it very much. Very nice staff, very comfortable room, good service. Hope to come back in the near future!
Hana & Max Butnaro Israel
July 04, 2014
Staff very helpful. Special Thanks
Martha & Boyd Wright
July 03, 2014
Such a warm greeting after a red eye! Loved our stay & wish it could have been longer.
P. Brown & B. Bluwberg
July 02, 2014
A ++ ! Exceptional place to stay, we'll be back!
Chicago, IL
June 27, 2014
Wonderful place! A GEM! Springfield MA
Arlene and Ray
June 27, 2014
We have had a wonderful time in Newbury Guest House. The staff are so attentive and wonderful location. Thank you. From Dublin, Ireland
Ciakan Wavanne
June 20, 2014
Great stay! Staff was very helpful. Wonderful neighborhood. We'll be back on July 3rd! Brooklyn Park, MN
Ernie and Dori Klockeman
June 20, 2014
An absolutely find- simply uncomplicated and wonderful amenities. I'll be back! Palo Alto, CA
Bonnie Svein
June 20, 2014
Thank you for a beautiful stay! Your staff is more than courteous and kind! Will highly recommend this Back Bay jewel. Standford, CA
Susan Weisbey
June 13, 2014
Great stay at a charming, quaint hotel in beautiful Boston. Very friendly, helpful client service oriented staff. Canada
Laurie Belanger and Curt Ohon
June 12, 2014
Here to watch the Cleveland Indians play in Fenway Park! Twinsburg, Ohio
Steve and Jane Dan
June 06, 2014
Newbury Guest House is lovely--wonderful location and helpful staff. Thank you!
Luise Romano/Naples Florida
June 05, 2014
Stayed at the Newbury Guest House every year since 2000! Great place, great Boston!
Brian Hutchinson/London UK
June 04, 2014
Lovely space and neighborhood! Came from Idaho.
Judy and Caily
June 03, 2014
Thanks so much for always being here for me. Always part of my Boston visits!
Paula Kora
May 25, 2014
Excellent location and attentive staff! We will recommend Newbury Guest House.
May 01, 2014
A perfect place to stay in a beautiful part of Boston. The staff are so accommodating and friendly. Will definitely recommend. Thank you!
Jen, Peter, Alex, Jes Anson
April 21, 2014
What a wonderful find! The perfect location and wonderful accommodations made our marathon experience the best yet. We will most definitely be back!
Chad and Lyvette
March 28, 2014
Wonderful place to stay! We loved our room and the atmosphere of the neighborhood!
Bob, Jei, and Ben
March 05, 2014
Had a great time. Never knew this existed having grown up in Boston. Will definitely return! So cute and quaint!
March 04, 2014
Had the best time in Boston. Everything was perfect.
Jen + Ronald
March 03, 2014
FABULOUS- We loved everything about the Newbury Guest House. Thank you!
Amy + Anne
March 02, 2014
Very nice, like home!
Lucia Krotere
March 01, 2014
Amazing time at my grandpa's 80th! We will be back for sure. xoxo
March 01, 2014
An EXCELLENT place to stay! Thank you
February 17, 2014
Thank you so much for your hospitality. We had a wonderful stay. Will come back.
Sandy and Erik
January 04, 2014
Lovely hotel lovely people would recommend to anyone!
December 29, 2013
Another great stay at the Newbury Guest House! Thank you to House Keeping staff for keeping our room so nice every day. Keep up the great work! Happy New Year.
Perrins, Canada
December 03, 2013
The Newbury Guest House was our home away from home in Boston! Wonderful hospitality, breakfast, rooms, plumbing and location--when we return one spring, we shall visit here again and recommend to our friends. Thank you
Don and Jon, San Diego CA
November 16, 2013
Excellent, quaint. Perfect location
Charles & Margaret,England
November 02, 2013
Brilliant stay! NGH is the best!
Murray, Florida
October 31, 2013
This has been a wonderful experience, Newbury Guest House has made the whole setting! Best place to stay in Boston! THANK YOU! And the Red Sox won!!
October 27, 2013
Thank you for an amazing stay. You guys are awesome we enjoyed our stay. Thanks to Carla again!
Tu, Europe
October 25, 2013
Thank you for my wonderful stay , your place is amazing and was located perfectly for all my activities in Boston. The room was in great shape and everyone was courteous. Looking forward to my next trip to Boston and coming here again . MATT
September 26, 2013
Wonderful Guest house , lovely stay , Friendly staff, great area of Boston ! Dublin,Ireland
Peter & Atkin
September 25, 2013
We loved it ! Everything was terrible as always . Hope to see you next year. Bakerfield, New Jersey
Anne & Maury
September 25, 2013
Keith & Joan loved the hotel , the location , the accommodation and the atmosphere was just perfect ...a great taste of Boston Hospitality CALIFORNIA-
Keith & Joan
September 17, 2013
Lovely guest house, lovely atmosphere will recommend to friends. Best place in Boston that we stayed in. Very nice stay Ireland -
September 02, 2013
This place is a Gem !!!! Thanks for having us San Diego , CA
Kim & Venice B
August 13, 2013
Just wonderful , We love Boston , will return someday .
Juanie R
August 12, 2013
Hotel was gorgeous !
Don & Nicole
August 08, 2013
We were made welcome by all and helped whenever we needed it Breakfast very good Access to coffee/ Tea free wi-fi Location. Norwich, Great Britain
August 07, 2013
Historic location can't be beat. Nice, helpful staff and clean rooms. Great places to eat, walk, shop and explore in the neighborhood. Convenient access to public transportation. Happy they had granted my request for a quiet room away from the elevator, ice machine and families.
May 12, 2013
Lovely stay, enjoyed every minute! Friendly staff, lovely ambiance-- we'll come again
Smith, Dublin
May 08, 2013
Great place at a great location . Thank you! Salt Lake City ,Utah
James Batsch
May 05, 2013
Cinco De Mayo ! Another great visit at the Newbury Guest House. Seven years and counting ! Seattle, WA
Mr & Mrs Tousley
April 16, 2013
This is our daughters 2nd Boston marathon and our 2nd stay at this wonderful hotel. Kudos to all for their response to the tragedy. Everybody went above and beyond in helping guest cope with events. Many Many Thanks
Malveen Brandt
April 11, 2013
We had a great 4 night stay. The location is superb, Room luxurious and service very much appreciated- ie luggage store and computer printing. Thanks so much -Hampshire, UK-
Claire & Steve
March 18, 2013
What do you guys put in the pancake!?!? (zzzzzzzzzz) love it here XOXOXOXO
Rick & Alex
March 17, 2013
Forth visit in 2 years. I lOVE IT!! -Yarmouth Port, Ma-
Anne & Peter
February 24, 2013
Thanks so much for a wonderful experience! especially appreciated the friendly and helpful staff. -Seattle,Wa-
February 13, 2013
Beautiful beautiful place- We had a wonderful time. We're disappointed that we couldnt stay alot longer. Wil definitely come back. Breakfast, the room,and the staff were all lovely thank you all -Sydney, Australia-
Mel & Bec
January 14, 2013
Wonderful stay, really enjoyed our time here. Best kept secret in Boston. We definitely will return. -London-
Jassie & Aster
January 01, 2013
Thank you for a wonderful stay. We really enjoyed the friendly staff, excellent service and great beds. We'll be back -Western Australia-
Anne & Clive
December 30, 2012
A lovely hotel and perfect location. -Arkansas-
Todd & Catherine Williams
December 28, 2012
Sad again to leave. Thank you for another comfortable enjoyable stay. hope to see you next year. Perkins -Canada-
Perkins Family
November 24, 2012
Another great visit here - a home away from home! Thanks so much ! United Kingdom
November 14, 2012
Loved it here ! Beautiful location, friendly & helpful staff, Clean rooms and delicious breakfast & coffee . Thank you ! United Kingdom
October 09, 2012
We had a wonderful time here on our honeymoon. It is a lovely place and the staff were very kind and friendly . We would love to stay longer.
Matt & Shaye Caban
October 02, 2012
Really enjoyed our stay . Great location . Nice room. Friendly staff. what more could we want! If ever in Boston again would definitely come back here .
Paul & Veronica Todd
September 19, 2012
Thank you for a great visit!
Kristin and Adam Skura
September 18, 2012
As always we loved staying at the Newbury Guest House. It's our go to place for a place to stay in Boston. We will be back next year or hopefully earlier. Freehold, New Jersey
Anne & Monroe Baker
September 18, 2012
We very much enjoyed our stay at the Newbury Guest House. The location was great, the rooms comfortable, the breakfast delicious and the staff FANTASTIC. Thanks Peter, Carla and John for your patience and your suggestions and for your excellent directions. We loved Boston and we very much enjoyed staying at the guest house. Thank you! Jalut, Illinois
Jack & Jeanne
September 17, 2012
We very much enjoyed the accomodations at the Newbury Guest House on elegant Newbury Street. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Boca Raton, Florida
M/M Reader
September 15, 2012
Had a really great time on our first trip to Boston. The hotel was lovely and what a beautiful location it is in. Would recommend it. Chidester, England
Elaine & Martin Burell
September 15, 2012
Lovely hotel, staff great. Wonderful area of Boston. Twyford, England
Anna & Mike
September 11, 2012
Great city. Room was perfect for our needs. London, UK
MA and SA Testar
September 09, 2012
Great city and fantastic hotel! Hope to be back soon. Montreal, Canada
Sabrina & Olivier
September 07, 2012
Stayed for 8 nights. Wonderful place. Good breakfast. Novato, CA
Pat and Noah Clark
September 05, 2012
Fantastic place! Hope to come back. Room 311 was great - service was 10 out of 10. Will let Trip Advisor know our wonderful experience. Canberra, Australia

September 04, 2012
Had an amazing time, the room was great. Staff is very nice and the location is perfect! Thanks for everything.
Tina & Jack
August 30, 2012
Excellent stay, weather fantastic, love the area. Will be back next year. Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Murray & Mary
August 29, 2012
Had a great time. Very friendly atmosphere, so different from the clinical large hotels. Will recommend to family and friends. Hampshire, England
Jim & Sheila Prowse
August 28, 2012
The locations was great. We loved the hospitality of the staff. It was easy to enjoy Boston while staying at the guest house. We will definitely recommend this place to others.
Tom & Amy
August 23, 2012
Fabulous place. We all enjoyed our stay at the guest house very much. South Bucks, England
August 23, 2012
Wonderful, fantastic, clean, caring, fun and comfortable. Yorkshire, England
August 23, 2012
Our first visit and love your guest house and the entire area. Hopefully we will return sometime. Boston is one of our favorites! Deer Park, Illinois
Milte and Nancy D'Angelo
August 19, 2012
Great spot when attending a conference at the Hynes Convention Center. Thanks!
Vick Eliott Yardly
August 15, 2012
Thank you for a wonderful stay. This place was ideal for our engagement celebration!
Randy & Nagia
August 15, 2012
Great place to stay in the heart of the city. Can't wait to come back and request room 401. San Diego, California
Scoot & Heather Wentworth
August 15, 2012
Our stay was very pleasant. Very warm atmosphere and very amiable people. See you next time we come to Boston. Thank you very much.
Samia Deeb
August 09, 2012
Great place! We love the guest house and the street! Moscow, Russia
Zalina & Igor
August 03, 2012
Awesome view, perfect location! Great staff and complimentary breakfast.
Stephen Banker & Amy Bellman
August 02, 2012
What a wonderful place to stay. See you again soon. London, Ontario - Canada
Nick & Christie
July 30, 2012
Three couples (Edwards, Browns and Jennings) were here for a reunion and visit to Boston. Our stay at the Newbury Guest House was absolutely a perfect place for our stay; authentic Boston setting, wonderful setting for the delicious breakfasts and even a place for wine and cheese together before going out for dinner. The staff was very receptive and helpful. We can't say more enough about your hospitality and services. Thank you! Denver, Colorado
Betty Jennings
July 16, 2012
Great hotel, perfect location and awesome service! Everything was perfect! Tampa, Florida
July 15, 2012
Great hotel, wonderful location! I love Newbury Street and the rest of Boston also. Vancouver, BC - Canada
Shelley & Charles
July 11, 2012
I had no idea that this hotel was in such a great location when I booked. Very comfortable stay, thanks! London, UK
Susie & Kookie
July 10, 2012
A wonderful stay and theatre visit to the little theatre in Gloucester was a treat. Hong Kong
Payne, Paivi
July 06, 2012
What a great hotel! We have had a fantastic time in Boston, helped by the convenient location of the Newbury Guest House. We will definitely be recommending you. Australia
Mr. and Mrs. Lippiatt
July 06, 2012
This is a beautiful hotel, excellent location. We could feel the Boston environment in this place. A very kind staff. We hope to come here again. Boopla, Colombia
Rodriguez Family
July 04, 2012
Our first time to Boston and this was a great place to stay while we explored your city! We will tell our friends about you. Fort Worth,Texas
Monty and Alice Phillip
June 27, 2012
We had a pleasant stay at the Guest House. We will gladly be back sometime. Nice breakfast! Sweden
Jena and Mat
June 24, 2012
Wonderful place to visit! Will be back.
Kelley, Mr. and Mrs.
June 21, 2012
This is the best place in the whole world because of the crepes!
Comack, Heathe
June 21, 2012
We enjoyed our stay. Thanks for your hospitality. Tucson, AZ
Mark and Pamela Yarish
June 10, 2012
Thanks a lot for the good time we have passed in this place. We'll come back. Belgium
Irith and Stephane
June 09, 2012
We've had a wonderful stay here. Beautiful rooms!!! Australia
Helen and Ian
June 08, 2012
Great city and wonderful Guest House. So clean and relaxing. Great breakfast too.
The Davis
June 06, 2012
Thank you so much for the warm hospitality. The breakfasts were delicious. The room was comfortable and the city delightful. Escondido, CA
June 06, 2012
The city is great and everyone we met was great. My stay was very peaceful and love the A/C in the room. Stayed 10 nights. From San Diego, CA.
June 04, 2012
2nd time here and we loved it. Great morning crepes!
Mauree and Steve Brook
June 04, 2012
Thank you for your warm hospitality.
Carl and Vandy
June 03, 2012
Wonderful stay, room was lovely and clean. Great stay! See you again.
Sandra and Stuart Andrews
June 02, 2012
A delightful accommodation! And we love your city! Thanks
The Noahs
May 30, 2012
We are a family from Brazil and we loved Boston and our stay at your place. Newbury is a really cool place to stay. We will recommend.
May 21, 2012
Five years and counting! Thank you yet another wonderful stay at the Newbury Guest House. Until next time...
Gerald and Amy Tousley
May 17, 2012
This was a great place to stay! Great rooms with a great view. Will stay here again if we return to Boston. Beautiful city!
Wayne and Carol Vicknair
May 10, 2012
A wonderful visit to Boston! This is a perfect location and we hope to return.
Anita and Frank
May 01, 2012
Thank you for showing this wonderful piece of Boston with the public. We had a great time.
Mr. and Mrs. Nandyal
April 24, 2012
Many thanks to a wonderful stay. Fabulous vacation, very friendly staff, lovely comfortable rooms. Came all the way from Scotland. Thanks.

April 23, 2012
Wow, was it rainy, but what a wonderful cozy place to stay out of the rain. Thanks!
The Yeandels
April 22, 2012
It's a very beautiful place! The staff that work in this hotel are all friendly and helpful. Great location and the rooms are so nice.
Monica and Jose Fernando
April 22, 2012
This was the best place we could have picked to stay for a reunion. The accommodations were just what we needed and the five couples that stayed here all loved the hotel.
The Stevensons
April 21, 2012
This was a perfect place for a most special reunion of old friends. Loved the accommodation!
The Lawsons
April 20, 2012
What a lovely, beautiful place! Charming staff! I will be back!
C. Jacques
April 19, 2012
The staff, from owner to housekeepers were all friendly and helpful. Great bed & breakfast, great city and great 2012 Marathon. Thanks for everything.
Dan Johnson and Mary Wilroy
April 18, 2012
A lovely stay in your guest house. Great location, delicious breakfast and good hospitality. We will look forward to coming back to you.
Charlotte and Paul Siegel
April 16, 2012
We've got much more than we expected, the room was great, the hotel team was very nice and helpful. We will definitely come back!
April 02, 2012
Thank you to all at Newbury. We had a great time, love Boston. We shall return!
Sue, England
March 10, 2012
Top notch! Keep it real!
February 22, 2012
I loved this place! Excellent location and has so much charm. Thanks for everything and I will recommend to everyone! Will be back in few years!!
Ylenia, Puerto Rico
February 19, 2012
Thank you for a fantastic 7 nights. Would definitely return!
Bonnie, Australia
February 07, 2012
Loved the town, loved the hotel! Thank you!
Victor, Spain
January 29, 2012
We loved everything about our stay! We will definitely come back to the Newbury Guest House!!
Amanda, MS
January 22, 2012
The Best / Friendliest place to stay in Boston!
January 18, 2012
We had a very lovely and wonderful stay. People here are very warm and nice. Thanks for everything!
Mora & Miranda, Argentina
January 02, 2012
Had a great 4 night stay here at the Newbury Guest House. Great place to stay for New year! We'll be back!
Matt, UK
November 05, 2011
we had a great time here in Boston! Our first time but not our last. we'll be back in May here at Newbury House to celebrate our grandson's graduation.
Jack and Shirley casey
October 06, 2011
A wonderful guest House on a beautiful street. Staff friendly and helpful. Had a great visit. will certainly recommend the Newbury House.
Jen and Bob
September 26, 2011
Dear Mr Hagopian, This is our 3rd stay at your guest House. We absolutely love it. Thanks so much for having us.
Brook Paulin
September 25, 2011
I like this city (Boston) and the hotel. The people who work here are very polite and kind, especially the women who speak Portuguese (Maria and Carla ) If I come back to Boston, I'll stay here. Thank you
Regina Uchoa ( Brazil )
September 14, 2011
We had a lovely 4 days in Boston. what can we say, great city and a great hotel! Thanks for everything. From Hungary
Robert and Anolya
September 03, 2011
"To you all" I have returned here with my husband after a lovely visit on mother's day with my daughter. Beautiful morning here on Newbury Street after a delicious dinner downstairs last nigh + restful night. Helpful staff (Ryan is special). Thank You
Nancy Furguson (Norwell MA)
August 22, 2011
Great stay!Best Place in Back Bay. Best meal was at Stephanie's. Wired puppy for coffee.
Kevin (Portland, OR)
August 04, 2011
Wonderful, clean, fresh room, nice service, delicious food + wine. Thank You MJB + MBC
Houston, TX
July 16, 2011
Thanks for letting us stay, we had a wonderful time in Boston Loved the breakfast
Greeting from Holland
July 08, 2011
Had a great time. Staff was friendlt and helpful.
Albany, NY
June 20, 2011
Boston's been great. Loved the Back Bay area (especially Newbury Street) staying at your guest house was fantastic! Thank you for making this a memorable time plus for making us feel welcome. Its been fun!
Bill and cheryl
June 01, 2011
Really enjoyed Boston and our stay at the Newbury Guest House. The New England Aquarium was great!
The Hallman Family
May 12, 2011
What a fabulous stay while attending International Travel Medicine conference!!! Great place, wonderful location and it felt so comfortable! The staff was superb! Many thanks to Peter, Peter D, Joe, Steve and Carla for making my stay so enjoyable! The rest of the staff too- breakfast and housekeeping-were terrific! So many heart felt thanks to you all, and I will stay here when I next come to Boston.
Catherine Ebelle
May 12, 2011
What a fabulous stay while attending International Travel Medicine conference!!! Great place, wonderful location and it felt so comfortable! The staff was superb! Many thanks to Peter, Peter D, Joe, Steve and Carla for making my stay so enjoyable! The rest of the staff too- breakfast and housekeeping-were terrific! So many heart felt thanks to you all, and I will stay here when I next come to Boston.
Catherine Ebelle
May 08, 2011
We are here for our son's graduation from Berklee. This is the best place we have stayed in the past four years his been here.
Judy and Andy
April 23, 2011
We enjoyed our stay in Boston which is a beautiful city to discover. The guest House is lovely and so well located. Thank you very much.
Guy and Francene
February 06, 2011
Loved the place! Great service, great location, very very kind people. Will strongly recommend to friends and hope to come back.
Teresa Prado
February 01, 2011
I had a wonderful birthday in Boston. The Newbury Guest House was a wonderful place to stay! I felt like I was part of the city...
Sarah McDonald
January 29, 2011
Had a wonderful holiday and was very well looked after. We will return again and recommend it to all.
Claire Keen
January 14, 2011
Boston is a lovely place and Newbury street and Newbury Guest House is a wonderful place to stay.
Bo and Anita
December 30, 1899
A perfect St. Patty's Day vacation. Nice location, accommodating, and comfortable. Advice booklet in the rooms are worth reading.
Joe B.
December 30, 1899
Laura's Bachelorette Party/St. Patty's Weekend. Had a blast! Love Boston! Great location.
Buffalo NY Ladies
December 30, 1899
Lovely hotel lovely people would recommend to anyone!
Kerrie, Australia

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